Lorenzo M. De Vettor Aboaf (Deve) was born and raised in Venezia.

By the time he was four years old, he had already fallen in love with drums and has never stopped playing music ever since. In the beggining Deve was trained mostly on classical and traditional folk music, however that did not stop him from venturing into the world of jazz and contemporary music.

Since 2008, Deve has been focusing on developing his own sound, reflecting of his venetian heritage influenced by the post-jazz renaissance. Working as a full-time musician, Deve has delivered countless performances of different size, duration, venue, and style. He has played not only with other musicians, but also with dancers, physical therapists, and even circus animals. For the last decade he has been working on various Klezmer and gipsy projects all over the world.

Deve has also worked for the club “Elefante Rosso” as a music technician and a drummer for more than a year, alongside different producers. This experience was incredibly influential for Deve’s career as he had each night the opportunity to play with internationally renowned musicians.

What is more, Deve has been involved in several theater projects, one of which was working as the accompanying drummer for dancers and performers for the Ctr Research Theater in Venice.

His future projects include travelling all over the world to perform as much as possible and exploring the endless possibilities of interpretation of traditional and contemporary music, through different sonorities developed by the use of acoustic
instruments as much as by synthesizers, decks and other producing tools.


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